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Anonymous Whispered: Lol you said it was bad that DC killed off Jason but he was literally killed off by a public vote. The public is classist, the public decided to kill jason.


1. DC putting Jason’s life up to a vote in the first place and even CONSIDERING killing him off is problematic.

2. DC making a spectacle of it and putting it up to a public vote was even grosser.

3. DC was planning on killing off Jason anyway. They were planning on changing all the books to a darker Frank Miller direction after his success, and one of the writers suggested killing Jason off as a way to accomplish this.

4. The call in vote was rigged. DC has admitted this multiple times in interviews. A lawyer in California called in over and over again, hundreds of times, in order to sway the vote towards killing Jason.

5. The call in vote was a paid service, and most of the young readers who identified with Jason, as well as working class readers, did not have ACCESS to the call in vote. The vast majority of people voting were much older comics collectors, almost exclusively middle to upperclass white males.

6. The actual difference in votes, even taking all of the above into consideration? 5343to5271. That’s seventy two votes. Seventy two paper thin votes.

What exactly were you trying to accomplish here? Of COURSE the public is affected by classist beliefs. That doesn’t mean DC somehow magically is exempt from classism as well — it actually just makes it more likely that they were swayed by it. Guess what: lots of the comic reader community is still classist, as well as sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc. — I seriously hope you don’t think that means DC should try and replicate that in their content.

If you’re going to go around trying to convince people that DC doesn’t have a history of classism and want to seem believable, maybe try and actually get the historical facts correct first.

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